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Prasad Bag interview author novelist

Prasad Bag – Novelist

Prasad Bag is a novelist who made his debut with the publication of Maya, The Blindfolded. He wrote this thriller piece for a young audience and gained a response as well. Maya, the blindfolded got appreciation from readers who like thriller and mystery novels. In this conversation, Alok Mishra asks Prasad Bag about his writing, upcoming books and his motivation. Read this interview to the end and you will know many things. You can read more about the book on this website – Maya, the blindfolded: Review


Alok Mishra: What is the motivation behind your writing? 

Prasad Bag: I think I am a storyteller. I can present the story in an interesting manner. And readers have liked my debut book so far. So, my motivation is my readers’ response. 

Alok Mishra: How did you conceive the idea of Maya, your first novel? 

Prasad Bag: I read somewhere about short-term memory loss. So I thought if I can stretch the memory loss period for a few years then it will be an interesting situation in anyone’s life. So I began thinking in that direction and Maya’s story started shaping up in my mind.

AM: What are your reading choices? What kind of novels (and authors) do you prefer reading? 

PB: I prefer Suspense, thriller and Historical fiction novels. I like Stephen King, John Grisham and Michael Crichton novels. 

AM: Tell us something about your debut novel that you think would make the readers curious to read it. 

PB: It’s the story of a young girl called Maya who all of a sudden starts witnessing paranormal activities. One fine morning she was accused of a murder that took place in her office. Now the burden is on her to prove her innocence. While collecting shreds of evidence of her innocence she met with a car accident and lost her past few years of memory. The ups and downs in Maya’s life make the story interesting and keep readers on their edge. 

AM: What are you planning to do next – a sequel to Maya or something else? 

PB: Working on one historical fiction. I hope readers will get to read it soon. 

AM: What is more important for you as a writer – your writing style or a theme that readers mostly read these days? 

PB: My attempt is to write a good story that has its own uniqueness and novelty. In terms of its presentation, I would pick up the theme that is best suited for the story and has maximum reach. 

AM: How do you generally perceive the present literary scenario in India? Do you have an opinion on entertaining literature versus meaningful literature? 

PB: I think we need both. Literature need not be always serious. It can entertain people and at the same time, it can help to improve overall social maturity and awareness.

AM: Do you plan your novel before you write it or let the flow guide you as you continue? 

PB: I always have a high-level plot in my mind. But on purpose, I do not plan or think about its minute details in advance. I am a painter. I would prefer my writing flow to shape the story. 


Thanks for reading this interview on the platform. We will bring up conversations soon.

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