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Author Interviews Alok Mishra

Welcome to Author Interviews Platform!

Why do we read interviews?

Why do we read interviews? We read interviews to learn more about the persons we are interested in. Sometimes, we just read random interviews to find out random persons and their achievements and struggles that they faced reaching where they are. This website is dedicated to authors, poets, writers and academicians who have achieved something in their life. And also those who are on their way to greatness – we interview authors, poets and literary personalities from India and abroad. You can find some of our interviews below and more by visiting the page – CONVERSATIONS. We are sure that our project Author Interviews will prove to be, in the long run, an important effort in the field of literature.

Why will you find in interviews we do?

At Author Interviews, our chief concern is bringing out different facets of the authors we talk to. We try to bring to light their writing choices, their plot ideas, their themes and also, very subjective things, their vision of literature and version of literature. Also, we are very much hopeful that the conversations on this website will help budding writers and poets in understanding the initial steps they should carefully advance in the publishing industry. We talk about writing, publishing and marketing. Therefore, all the readers who read interviews on our website should get a 360 view of the writer’s journey! Also, for us, every writer is a writer. Those with only one good book and with 20 good books are both welcome.

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