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Interview with Sunain Banga

Sunain Banga novelist interview

Sunain Singh Banga (known popularly as Sunain Banga only) is a young author from India who is known for writing two novels, The First Crush at  13 and The Perfect Couple. Sunain is from Mumbai and he has been there since his birth. He is an engineering student at present and aspires to become the author to represent the youths and their opinions. 

Alok Mishra: Hi Sunain, thanks for accepting the invitation to participate in an interview for Author Interviews platform! Welcome!

Sunain Banga: Thanks, Alok! I am really excited about answering your questions! I am sure it will be very interesting for the readers of your platform.


Alok Mishra: Sunain, why did you choose writing fiction at a young age like this?

Sunain Banga: I was always someone who was inclined to stories, listening to them, telling them out. But, I always thought they were real and someone lived tales I was jealous of, and I wanted to live a story too so that I could tell people about it. It was only when I started reading novels that understood what is fiction. Now I could create my own stories.

All of us live a life in our own minds, something that doesn’t actually happen, but you want it to happen. So, have a diary of how things actually happened and a book about how they should have been. A tale, I could tell people.


Alok Mishra: How did you turn to writing fiction? What inspired you? 

Sunain Banga: As far as I can remember, I was always scribbling something on my books in school. While everyone else made doodles, I made jingles. I wrote poetry; I wrote random sentences; I wrote short stories.

It was back in eighth grade when we were told to write a ten-page story as homework by a visiting faculty. So, I jotted down points and started writing. By the end of the day, I was done with more than ten pages and only one of those points.


Alok Mishra: Who are the authors you read and like? Do you want to become like someone? 

Sunain Banga: I generally read Indian Authors a lot, and a few American Authors, but my bookshelf is mostly dominated by Indian Romance Fictions. Durjoy Datta, Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh, Sudeep Nagarkar, Harsh Snehanshu, Nikita Singh, Preeti Shenoy, I’ve read all of them and these are just names from the top of my head.

Someone I would like to be? Well none of them and all of them at once. I would love to pick little things from each one of them. Someone who never stops, someone writes 2000 words a day and someone who made a complete empire, in their sick days. A little bit of nothing, and a little bit of everything.


Alok Mishra: What are your views on Indian English literature at present? 

Sunain Banga: Indian English Literature is wide and limitless. You will find everything you want to read, at different levels of English difficulty. It has an addiction of its own. But you know, you will always find a topic you want to read and you don’t have a book on it on your shelf, well, write it.


Alok Mishra: Tell me more about your latest book, The Perfect Couple. What makes this book so special? 

Sunain Banga: My latest book is based on the protagonists of a very young age. It’s not set in offices, it’s not set in colleges or high schools, but schools, a place where you are just exploring everything. So right now, the protagonists are growing up and everything is about to change for them. Just like every story has a villain that could have been avoided, here growing up might just play the villain for them and one that they cannot avoid, but they might turn out to be “The Perfect Couple”, who knows?


Alok Mishra: And Sunain, now let me know about yourself. Where were you born? When were you born? 

Sunain Banga: I was born in Mumbai in August of ’97. I was brought up in Mumbai, and have been in Mumbai ever since. Never left this city and nor do I plan to. I have been liking this city I grew up in and I am sure it has many more things in the store for me in the days to come.


Alok Mishra: Where did you do your schooling? 

Sunain Banga: I did my schooling in St. Joseph’s High School and then went on to pursuing science from D.G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Then I went on to get an engineering degree from D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering.


Alok Mishra: What do your parents do? 

Sunain Banga: My dad is an Internet Service Provider, so you know, good internet for life. My mom is a homemaker, handles all our tantrums and is still our back pillar.


Alok Mishra: And what are you doing professionally? 

Sunain Banga: I’m an engineering student right now. I might someday drop out of everything and pursue full-time writing.

Alok Mishra: And Sunain, what do you expect for yourself being in the field of writing? You have written two books now. What did you learn? How does it feel being a writer at such a young age?

Sunain Banga: I am very happy where I am right now. I began writing when I was at high school and published my first novel when I was only 18. That was a fresh experience and a very new one for me. However, as I grew up and began exploring the field with seriousness, I learnt many new things. I also learnt the art of writing for a target audience and also the tactics that are employed by the authors to further enhance their reach and exposure. I am sure with all that I have learnt and what I can create, I will be delivering something interesting to the readers time to time for their entertainment and their reading pleasure. I want to write for youths.

Alok Mishra: All the best, Sunain! I wish you success with the new book and with everything else you take up in the future!

Sunain Banga: Thanks Alok! Wish you the best too!

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