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Introduction to the Author: 

Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

Sandeep Jatwa is a novelist and also a medical professional. He has been writing his thoughts in the form of written art for many years. Recently, he has published his second completed manuscript in the form of a well-crafted novel Second Chance. Sandeep believes that writing is for a purpose and his fiction also narrates the same. Read more in this conversation where Sandeep Jatwa opens up answering the questions of Alok Mishra.

Alok Mishra: Dr. Sandeep, before I ask you any other questions, I would like to know from you why did you not publish your first book? Second Chance is your second finished manuscript but it has seen the dawn of publishing, why not the first and what was that and when can I expect that to be in print?

Sandeep Jatwa: I had written my first novel in 2007, the concept of the novel needed matured writing and I was an amateur so later I started a new one, thinking that I would rewrite it after getting some writing experience. The second one is published now– Second Chance. The first one will be in print in 2018.

Alok Mishra: How do you take the profession of a novelist? You are a successful medical practitioner but still your interest in fiction production is commendable. I would like to know your views on the same.

Sandeep Jatwa: Writing is not only a profession for me, it is a way of satisfaction. I write to feed my soul. I write to feel love, I write to feel alive. I can’t sleep if I don’t write what is in my mind. You can say writing is sleeping pills for me.

Alok Mishra: What motivated you to become a novelist? When did you first think that you should publish a novel? Was it the praise of your near and dear ones for your writing or something else? Please share your story.

Sandeep Jatwa: The characters, the plot and the dialogues plays in my mind and don’t let me sleep and the plot, characters and dialogues motivated me to become a novelist. I wanted to write with no intention to print it and I did it and when friends read it they encouraged me to get published.

Alok Mishra: Now coming to the novel in hand, Second Chance, it seems inspired from so many things. I would like to know more from you the exact inspiration for this wonderful story, Dr. Sandeep. How did the Second Chance happen?

Sandeep Jatwa: I wanted to write something that make people realize that life is beautiful and we just need a different angle to see it. Feeling makes us human. Some of us need to be more sensitive for other’s feeling. This thinking gave birth to Second Chance. It needed a story to convey the message and characters that can explain it better.

Alok Mishra: And do tell me about the character of Shekhar. Is it just a fictional creation or is a real Shekhar somewhere out there who has inspired this portrayal?

Sandeep Jatwa: Shekhar’s character is fictional. I have never met such a man and I didn’t want to until he changes (chuckle).

Alok Mishra: To a common reader who is about to read your book, what would be your message? How would you advise him or her to read the book for maximum reading pleasure?

Sandeep Jatwa: I think readers are intelligent and just by reading a few line they get to know how they should read and they always read the novel with full feelings and it is the only thing required.

Alok Mishra: Also tell me about your reader role. What are the genres and who are the authors you like reading the most? Adding to that question, how do you manage your schedule in this busy life as a doctor? How do you pull out some hours of relief for your literary endeavours, Dr. Sandeep?

Sandeep Jatwa: Whenever I get time, I grab a book. I usually read fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and any good written novel. Yeah, life is busy but you have to draw time for what you like. I usually read in nights (yes, I have to sacrifice my sleep for it). I sleep less to write and read.

Alok Mishra: Please give my readers a hint about your coming work in fiction. It will help them preparing, at least, for your book!

Sandeep Jatwa: My upcoming book is combination of sci-fi and fantasy. It would be first book of a series. I feel my reader will like it. Unlike Second Chance, it would not have a social message but it would be entertaining.

Alok Mishra: And Dr. Sandeep, the last one before we pack it up, what you think this book will tell a real life Shekhar before he reaches to the gates of justice? I have found a wonderful moral message in the book Second Chance. Did you plug it intentionally? Please let me know. 

Sandeep Jatwa: I think this book will strike the exact point in real life Shekhar and it would change some if not many. Yeah, it was intentional, if it could make some difference.

Alok Mishra: It was indeed a pleasure discussing with you, dear Sandeep! I wish you best of luck for the future as well as Second Chance, which is already doing great at the counters!

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