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Introduction to the Author: 

Prabhat Ranjan

Prabbhat Ranjan’s debut work, a novel, written in Hindi, With You; Without You has been the bestseller! Prabhat belongs to Patna, Bihar. He has been writing for so long but a formal debut in novel writing has been made with his debut work With You; Without You. The novel is being liked by the readers and critics alike. Alok Mishra, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, has talked to Prabhat Ranjan about his novel and his writing and his future plans. Read the interview below:

Alok Mishra: Prabhat, With You; Without You is your debut novel. However, have you been practising writing for long? Your art is mature if we say this is just your debut!

Prabhat Ranjan: Surely, this is my very debut novel. Yes, I have been writing short stories and poems occasionally and sometimes I have tried writing long stories too. But I did not attempt any novel before. Yes, there is one that I have thought writing but that has recently been completed. I wrote With You; Without You first and this is the debut. Thanks for appreciating my art of writing; it means a lot to me! And I have just tried to do my best whatever I could do and this will be judged the best by the readers!

Alok Mishra: Will you call your novel a romance? People who have read the book might think this is a romance and those who judge just by the cover will surely jump the gun, Prabhat. What do you say on this?   

Prabhat Ranjan: You cannot categorise my novel so easily! Because I have tried to keep it in a universal category so that every reader finds something in it – he, she, you, they and anyone. Yes, there is a love story which moves along the plot and offers it the major fuel. However, other than the love story, there are many other things in the novel. A reader will surely find the in-depth details of situations that I have tried to portray. And those who judge the books by the cover, I will urge them to read the book and then decide whether I could justify the cover or not. I will be grateful to them for their valuable comments.

Alok Mishra: And is there any particular reason that you have written your novel in Hindi? English is being accepted by a wider audience. You could have done it in English as well.

Prabhat Ranjan: Well, what I think is that the emotions that have been in depicted in the novel could not be displayed in any other language than Hindi. Hindi is still the language of the hearts and people use it widely. When Nishind goes through internal conflicts and he is emotionally perturbed, I could not think of any other thing than what I have already written in the novel and I am sure that our emotions cannot be translated! You can surely translate a sentence into a different language but not the emotions and my novel is full of emotions which could best be rendered into words in Hindi and that I have done! I will urge people to read my novel once and then they will surely understand why it has been written in Hindi.

Alok Mishra: I must say that the response to your very debut novel has been tremendous and it has certainly become a best-seller in much lesser time than others become! How do you see it?

Prabhat Ranjan: This is only the love of the readers which has helped me to this boost! It surely feels enthusiastic and amazing being here. I am very happy and it ensures that readers do love genuine stories and genuine emotional conversations between the characters. I cannot say much! I could only hope for this and now I am looking at it as it happens. I am just overwhelmed!

Alok Mishra: And what does true love mean to you as an individual? Your book has told a very good story talking about what an ideal love should be. What are your personal opinions on this, Prabhat?

Prabhat Ranjan: True love – well, it certainly exists. We have to find it within ourselves. There must be someone or some cause to which we are just attached in the most detached manner. We don’t want anything from the person or the cause but we just wish that everything should be right about the person or that abstract idea. This is what I think true love is. You will find that in the second phase of the novel, Nishind transforms into a character who is truly loving Rashmi Desai and he just thinks about her good at any instance. I concur with Nishind!

Alok Mishra: And how do you see the current trends in fiction?

Prabhat Ranjan: Well, I don’t want to intrude on whatever an author thinks and writes. However, I will surely say that an author must keep the bigger picture in his or her mind. Whatever an author writes, that should make a genuine impact towards the betterment of any length and breadth. Maybe it’s too narrow of maybe it’s too wide – there must be something called positive outcome which can be extracted from the book and then only authors can play their true role in the society.

Alok Mishra: What are your plans for the future after a very successful debut in the writing field? Do you have some plans for the one you earlier hinted – Priyanka – Ek Pakistani Ladki?

Prabhat Ranjan: I have completed writing that book already, Alok. The book will be published sometime next year and everything has been settled. I am excited about that book too as it raises the concerns which have been so far nulled in Indian writing. I hope the readers who have read my book will surely like Priyanka – Ek Pakistani Ladki too. And once again, thanks to all the readers who have made my book a bestseller! It could never happen without them!

Alok Mishra: Prabhat, do you have any messages for the writers to come? What would you like to say to the amateurs who want to write something for the readers on a wider scale?   

Prabhat Ranjan: Everything happens because if you work hard and never put off your determination, it just has to be the way you want! Never lose hope and keep writing! The readers are eagerly waiting for new stories and fresh talents. If you get a hold on their taste and mood – you are the next bestseller!

Alok Mishra: Thanks for your time, Prabhat! I wish you the best in all your future writing ventures as well as for the current bestseller With You; Without You!

Prabhat Ranjan: Thank you so much, Alok! It was a pleasure talking to you! I hope we get another chance like this in the near future!

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