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Interview with Mukesh Kumar Shahi

Mukesh Kumar interview

Mukesh Kumar Shahi is an author who has recently written a motivational book Kohinoor in You. You can find his book very inspiring and amazing. Here, Alok Mishra talks to him about his book and his writing in general. You will certainly find this literary conversation very interesting. Enjoy the interview.

Alok Mishra: Mukesh, you have come so far. Coming from a state which is mistakenly seen as a backward place, start with the challenges that you faced in establishing yourself in the field you are.

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: First of all, thank you very much for the questions you have arisen. As everyone knows that the place of Bihar, from the ancient it was known as the hub of education but due to lack of real education and lack of financial support people are suffering a lot here. Challenge is the part of life it’s only come from your emotional spark or self-realisation. I strongly believe emotion is a powerful tool (energy), if you have an emotional connection then use the emotion as a powerful energy to establish yourself. Does it matter where you come from? What’s your background? Which state do you belong?  It’s your zeal to do whatever you want to do in your life.

Alok Mishra: You have written two books now; how was the response by the readers? How big an achievement do you think it is for you?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: As of now those who have read my book they feel much inspired. I am always receiving a lot of feedback from the readers they are loving it. Many students also told me I am happy to read such type of motivational book in simple language. People are liking especially student or graduate and giving me good responses. Regarding my achievement, I feel proud to become an Author. I was trying to write a book so many years back but not succeeded.  Before I had started writing textbook and love story book but all are incomplete. I want to write but I was not feeling myself where I invest my talent in writing? When I realised myself and seen completely what is my strength and weakness. And finally, I found I mend for inspired the people and started writing a motivational book.

So I can easily say that in my eyes I found myself a great achievement and identified my talents too. It’s really a big achievement for any human being.

Alok Mishra: Kohinoor in you, especially, is a book about a writer’s journey from nothing to something. You have written extensively about your journey from childhood to your present position. How did you get an idea to start a book like this? What was the impetus?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: I am very much passionate to teach and motivate the people. Whenever I got a chance to deliver a lecture or any advice to the coming generation I am always ready to give myself. As of now, I have interacted with a lot of school students and coaching centre during my teaching, many students were asking the question how to find their talent? Where is his/her interest? Even many parents are also looking to find their children in-born talents. I have surveyed a lot of houses in Delhi and Bihar & Kerala and many places I observed a lot of people are ready to invest a lot of money for the right education and also many are giving but their son/daughter are not performing well.

There I thought it’s better to write such type of book so that it will help a lot of people. During my writing, I followed many pieces of literature how to give more impact to the coming generation. There I observed now people believe in real stories so I thought to start my journey how I found my talent similar way coming generation also utilise their talents. So the book “Kohinoor in you” Adventure of a Modern Writer with you.

Alok Mishra: You have mentioned the role of good books in your intellectual and moral development. In the modern context, when readers usually like reading the books which are entertaining mostly, how can this be possible to gain intellectual motivation from literature?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: I am very frankly saying that every motivational book has some taste of intellect but it totally depends upon the reader’s interest and the depth of knowledge and understanding. My all-time favourite book is “Bhagvat Gita”. Whenever I read I feel something different and it always gives me a new taste. Many motivational writers like Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, Shiv Kheda, Josef Murphy or many more they have written a wonderful book. It’s up to you how to utilise it.

For new readers, it is always to go through the easy written emotional books that will give him a start-up to read more books. As soon as you start reading the books you will find the real taste of intellect.  Simply reading books will not ignite you just follows what it is saying.

If you start following step by step these books definitely you will gain intellectual motivation which is best for your thought and always you feel fresh and energetic.

Alok Mishra: As an author, how important it seems to you to get an idea of the readers’ likes and dislikes in a book? How do you choose your subject matter? Do you have the readers in your mind?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: Being an author it is very essential to understand the readers’ mind and their need and demand according to the current scenarios. Any readers who leave the feedback about the book it inspires the author. And also gives an indication to the author where to improve?  What do readers feel? What actually readers want? How to make him inspire? A reader always gives great lesson and motivation to the author to come up with a new great book which meets the readers’ demands.

Choosing a subject is not a big task. As soon as you inscribe the whole idea or the script the book you will come up with new-new ideas that suit your subject matter.

The more you interact with the readers you will feel close to them and will develop the readers in your mind that what is the current need to the readers.

Alok Mishra: You must have been a reader – you have mentioned it too. Are there any modern writers in India you like? In general, which non-fiction writers you have mostly read?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: I am a voracious reader. I love reading. I have read the motivational books of many writers Indian as well as a foreigner. I have not focused on a single writer. Whatever I see the book in the market just flip the content and buy it. As of now if I like the book I read it.

My more inclination towards spiritual book whether it is written by Indian or non-Indian. In spite of that, I like other types of books which are best for health, wealth, personality development, and business development and marketing too.

Alok Mishra: As a motivational author, what do you think is the most important thing for you to take care of when you write a book?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: As a motivational writer, whenever I write a book I feel myself satisfied what am I writing? I always connect with many people and observed what is the real thing people are looking to motivate them self and also what is the real fact which always helps the people to know and give some meaning of life.

Alok Mishra: Kohinoor in you can certainly be seen as a modern self-help book. However, it is rather subjective; you are very much present in the book. This is a good strategy and it makes the book more engaging, I believe so. Are you planning to do something alike in the future as well? Are there any books you are currently planning?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: Emotionally connect with the reader gives me real meaning in life. I strongly believe these days’ people are looking for realistic material and motivation so in this book I have presented myself easily to connect with the readers.

I am coming soon with the new title which is also best on realistic and experiences that will help the entire population to educate themselves as well as their family or society. I personally believe people are looking a lot of fresh things. So I am ready to give my experience and connect with a lot of readers who really want to take a great lesson from my writing materials.

Alok Mishra: How do you tackle criticism that comes your way? In the life of a writer, negative and positive, both kinds of critical comments feature most often. How do you respond to both?

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: See, whenever you perform or do something new, people are always there to criticise you negative as well as positive ways. If any positive comments are there I simply appreciate it and feel blessed but when any negative comments are there I feel myself very much inspired to do something new. Negative comments always inspire me to change the strategy and come up with new ideas to recharge them.

I personally believe there are no such negative or positive comments it’s a thought of readers. The way he/she read….. He/she will respond. It’s a clear thought how he absorbs it. So for me I take is the best way and handle it according to their views.

Alok Mishra: All the best for your future projects, Mukesh! It was nice reading you book and many thanks for your answers to my questions!

Mukesh Kumar Shahi: Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure to connect with you nicely and also thank you for reading my book and given wonderful review. It will help the entire readers to connect with me.

Once again thanks from my bottom of heart!

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