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Introduction to the Author: 

Himanshu Saxena author interview

Himanshu Saxena is a Delhi-based author who has written the interesting title – The ON Side of OFFice. Himanshu’s writing is interesting and it appeals to the youths who have just joined a job as well as the veterans who have left the job and sit home. It takes the readers through the interesting and lighter sides of corporate life. The book has been received well by the target readers.  

Alok Mishra: Himanshu, first of all, congratulations on writing such a wonderful book that can interest many people as well as benefit them in their professional life! How did you get the idea to write something like this? What inspired you?  

Himanshu: Thanks a lot. When you have spent a significant part of your grown-up life at ‘OFFice’, almost like 16 years now, touching the varied aspects of OFFice life daily; meeting deadlines, dealing with difficult people, dreading the Mondays, awaiting the weekends, hoping for great appraisals, looking forward to holidays, relaxing at Canteen, hating the review meetings or analysing different people and personalities at OFFice; you just need a motivation, a long cherished desire and a witty way of looking at day to day things, to come up with a book like – “The ON side of OFFice”. And, that’s what I did.

As far as the inspiration is concerned. Almost Everything, Every day and Everyone at OFFice inspired me to put my thoughts in Black and white and hence, I have tried to give it all back, wrapped up in positivity and learnings for those who just now embarked on this journey. My biggest win as far this book is concerned shall be, when the next time an office goer has to use the word – ‘office’ anywhere, and he/she writes it something like this – ‘OFFice’.

Alok Mishra: Many books have been written about the office, professional life and work-life balance. However, your book is different – it’s a kind of objective look at your office once you have come out of it. What genre would you like to ascribe to this book by yourself?  

Himanshu: ‘The ON side of OFFice’ is all about a more practical look at the OFFice life, looking at and sensing things, emotions, aspects, people and even lifeless objects in a way they have never been looked at or felt before. It doesn’t talk about what you already witness at OFFice, but what you tend to oversee or miss, while at work.

As far as I am concerned, I would consider this book, a combination of Fiction and Self-help. While reading, when you are enjoying the fiction, the story part of it, learning would quietly make it to your head and when you are done reading a chapter, you would realize that your learning curve would have already moved up by one step.

Alok Mishra: And because you have written this book, how important do you think it is to keep the office environment lighter and healthy for a better outcome at work as well as in life?  

Himanshu: Undoubtedly; a light, fun-filled and healthy work environment is a MUST for every OFFice. If an employer can create a workspace, which doesn’t let the employees feel ‘away from home’, it’s a grand achievement for the organization.

However, it is easier said than done. Hence, it becomes equally important for the employees to take things lightly, maintain a Work-Life balance, let go off things instead of holding them within and always see the ON side of OFFice, to have a ‘Happy OFFice Life’.

Alok Mishra: What else have you written or plan to write in future, Himanshu? What genres are you interested in writing?  

Himanshu: This happens to be my first adventure with Book writing and I surely hope to go on many more. Please wish me luck!!

“The ON side of OFFice” was on a lighter note, showing the fun side of an otherwise serious (OFFice) life. However, my next book shall be a serious one, again on a serious topic, yet interesting and thought-provoking.

I love to write and when I do so, I just make sure of two things. First, that my words should highlight a totally different way of looking at things; interesting, relatable and capable of visualization by the reader. And Second, that it should always push the reader’s learning curve upwards. If I can do so, my job is done, and I don’t mind the Genre it may fall in.

Alok Mishra: As an author, today in the competition that is so challenging, how would someone successfully translate an idea into a successful book? Please share your experience with our readers.

Himanshu: Every arena in today’s world is competitive these days. Even the kids going to schools are being prepared for the life-long competition ahead. So, how can authors be spared?

However, I believe there is a way to skip it all. When you have an idea in your mind and a true desire to write in your heart, just start penning down your honest thoughts, visualizing every page that you wrote, and you’ll soon come up with a good book.

You need to momentarily block yourself from everything around, get in the world you are writing about, if possible be a character of the story and you’ll soon be living a parallel life in your words, which shall soon shape up in a book. And rest assured, the books bundled with honest relatable thoughts, always make it to a success story.

Alok Mishra: In your book, The ON Side of Office, you have embedded things like ‘food for thought’ and the concluding list of ideas at the end of every chapter. Some readers might say this attempt might give the book shape of a textbook. How do you see your step? How would you make a case for that inclusion?  

Himanshu: There was a separate reason for each of these 2 inclusions in the book. The ‘Food for thought’ section was randomly introduced in the book, to break the monotony of the topic being read, many a time, not 100% linked to the topic and it has come out really well.

And, the learnings at the end are basically to summarize the entire chapter into meaningful takeaways for the readers, because I strongly believe, that any piece of literature is worth anything, only when it can add some meaning or value to the reader’s life else it’s nothing but words in black and white on a piece of paper.

This is my first book being published. Haven’t read any books either. Hence, unintentionally, my way of writing is free writing and I only intend to connect with the reader, and in the process, I know the book may seem like fiction, non-fiction, Self-Help or even a textbook.

Alok Mishra: As an author as well as a reader, how do you observe the book market in India today? Has it changed for good or for bad? Who has the edge – the readers or the authors?

Himanshu: What I am going to state next, may seem like a very blunt answer, but, it’s a fact. This is my first published book and I am not an avid reader either. Hence, I may not be the right person to be answering this question right now. Let’s wait till I come up with my next book and then, I definitely shall have a concrete answer to this question.

However, on a general note, I would like to say that the entire world is getting digitally enabled these days and the day is not far when this digitalization shall touch the lives of readers and authors likewise and this is going to shape up the book market as well. And, the best part is, this digitalization has already begun, and it may not be far when AI (Artificial Intelligence) shall be reviewing the future books, basis an elaborate logic.

Alok Mishra: Coming to the tough task of being an author, Himanshu, how do you tackle criticism and how do you accept appreciation?

Himanshu: As mentioned in my book as well….”Never let APPRECIATION to your head and CRITICISM to your heart”. If you can do so, rest all shall automatically fall in place.

Alok Mishra: Himanshu, thanks for sharing your answers and opinions with our readers! All the best for your future endeavours!

Himanshu: Thanks a lot, and Happy Reading!

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