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Introduction to the Author: 

Anuj Tikku author interview

Anuj Tikku is an erotic fiction author. His novel I also slept with Rashmi Verma became very famous among youths as a campus novel with erotica and women concerns. He is also a poet. He likes writing erotic novels because he thinks this as a sure medium to reach young readers and convey his messages accurately. Alok Mishra asks him the questions about his writing, his vision and his plans for further. Do read this author interview.  

Alok Mishra: Anuj, first of all, do let me know how and when did the idea of writing erotic novels strike you?

Anuj Tikku: It was in Oct. 2018 that I started writing I also slept with Rashmi Verma, I wrote the first chapter. And then I was so hooked to writing it that I finished the novel in less than 3 months. I wanted to keep my writings at such a level that it could entertain the youths as well as convey the messages I wanted to and so, erotic novels was the ideal way.

Alok Mishra: And then, let’s come to your pseudonym too. How did you decide the pen-name for your titles – does it connote something important or do you have any secrets about it?

Anuj Tikku: The first chapter was titled I also slept with Rashmi Verma and that became the title of the novel basically the title should explain to the reader what the book’s content is and in that way, it does the job beautifully. And then, I also have to create an author who can strike the chords of the readers’ mind. So, I decided to write under the name of Love Thon. Love strikes you, doesn’t it?

Alok Mishra: You have written many erotic fictions by now. How do you see the industry of erotic fiction in India? Is it the same as we find in the US and UK or it’s different here in India?

Anuj Tikku: Well Shobha de and Kushwant Singh were the people who pioneered erotic fiction in India, and I see a lot of young writers who have jumped into it. The most important thing is to keep the humour intact. Without fun and humour, any erotic novel will fall flat. In India, we have to keep in mind the checks and balances when writing erotic fiction – one cannot cross the ‘standard’ limits.

Alok Mishra: So far, how do you see the response of readers on your books? As an author of erotic novels, what challenges do you think Indian authors have to face?

Anuj Tikku: People have liked my works. I can say with satisfaction that my book gave me the required attention that erotic works give you. And as mine is a youth college campus story so it got the youth excited and I am happy for that. The great challenge will be to write another book like this. I have seen many authors in India who begin their career in erotic writing but cannot continue the momentum they begin with.

Alok Mishra: You are known and praised for giving humane touch even in your erotic novels. How far do you think it helps to get the attention of the readers knowing very well that your novels have a certain set of readers who are mostly casual and entertainment seeker?

Anuj Tikku: Well erotic just for the sake of titillation will not work unless a human story of substance is weaved into the book and that is where I have been successful, I can say that. The story in I also slept with Rashmi Verma is undoubtedly erotic but it is also women-centric it is the journey of a woman in a college campus. So, I am sure that most of the readers who read my book will find this aspect as well. And I am glad that many book bloggers in India have highlighted this aspect in my novel.

Alok Mishra: Your novel I also slept with Rashmi Verma, out of all that you have written so far, has done well among Indian readers. How did you think about this one? How do you see this novel – as a simple campus erotic novel or something else?

Anuj Tikku: It is a woman’s journey in campus life, how she sleeps with one man and then one after the other she sleeps with a lot of men. Here, pain and sorrow and how the campus folks perceive her are what the book is about. I have written it as a novel that depicts the journey of Rashmi Verma in the world and the experiences she has been through since her childhood.

Alok Mishra: Are new novels on the card yet? Would you like to share something about your upcoming novels, Anuj?

Anuj Tikku: Well I have launched three more books selling online on, the Kumbh travelogue, Antarctica Diaries and a book of cranky poems called I am in love and now I can’t get it up. Yes, I am planning to write more and more and when the time is ripe and ideas strike, you will certainly see more books coming.

Alok Mishra: And before we reach toward the closing of this dialogue, how do you see writing fiction? What does it mean to you, Anuj?

Anuj Tikku: Writing is a release to me! It is my therapy, I will keep doing it till I enjoy it and would like to write a Technology of Futuristic novel next. I will keep writing even if no one reads it, I will write for myself.

Alok Mishra: Who are in your mind when you are planning your creative writings – the audience or the characters you are portraying? Please elaborate on your art of writing of fiction.

Anuj Tikku: Always the characters are in my mind, my primary concern is to get the plot and nature of the characters right, the rest will follow. If your characters are well-drawn, you can always be sure that the readers will love it.

Alok Mishra: And at last, thanks Anuj for your time and answers to the questions. I wish you all the best for the next book!

Anuj Tikku: Thank you and keep reading and reviewing my books!

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